3 Keys To Film Making

The art of making a moving picture has been something that has changed the entertainment world. There was a time when the movies were a real treat and the movie itself was considered a piece of gold. Those days are long gone but we still find a good bit of pleasure in the movie making business. The way a movie is shot and filmed really depends on what the filmmaker is trying to do. Some will try and get the closest shot possible, like Billy Bob Thornton. Other filmmakers will try and use panoramic views. Regardless of where you fall on the spread here does not really matter. The key to making a good film is based on 3 things. Here are the three keys to film making. Follow these three rules and you are guaranteed to have a solid career.

First, you are going to need a solid location. Your location is the key to the film. Never waste your time by trying to build sets. Unless you have a million dollar budget you will only make the film look cheap and classless. The best way to make your film look authentic is to use real settings. This means you need to find the best location. Second thing you need to do is locate a high definition camera. I know we have all seen the local television commercials and broadcasts. The reasons they look awful are simple. They have horrible cameras. Spend the extra money and get a great camera. Finally, make sure you have a good lead actor or actress. The acting needs to be solid. Follow these three simple rules and your film-making career will take off. Fall to follow these rules and your film-making career is going to look like Jon Andersons. Never heard of him? There is a reason for that.