From Pictures to Movies

A movie is something that nearly every person on this planet knows about. What they may not know is what goes in to making them. A photoplay film creates the “phi phenomena”. Phi phenomena, is a sequence of stationary pictures that if flipped through quickly, give the illusion of the objects on the paper moving. Cartoons like Mickey Mouse were fashioned in this manner. The most common method today is a motion picture camera. Modern day movies usually employ all three methods; this includes computer-generated imagery (CGI/digital).

Cinema is a word used to describe the embodiment of the entire industry of movies (films). Cinema describes the movie business as a whole, and the very art of filmmaking. Cinema is the art of mimicking experiences that communicate ideas, stories, perceptions, feelings, and beauty; this is the contemporary definition of “cinema”.

Motion pictures originally started by recording an image to a plastic film, which was then ran through a projector that passed light through so that it could be viewed on a large screen in front of the projection lens. This process is photochemistry. However, most modern films from start to finish (the production, distribution, and the exhibition) are digital.

Movies have made it a long way since the beginning. I started in the 80’s and 90’s: Back to the Future, Terminator 2 Judgement Day, and Dirty Dancing. Terminator 2’s graphics are pathetic compared to the present-day Terminator movies. Terminator 2 was reported to have been ten years ahead of its time as graphics are concerned. Now the graphics for the “old” movies pale in comparison to modern futuristic action films and their graphics. I used Dirty Dancing as example of the advances in choreography. It seems that dancing, fight scenes, and motion in general of modern movies are significantly better. However, in those days I enjoyed watching those movies so much. They were new to me; I was a child, so I was visually intrigued. No matter how good a movie may or may not be, I feel these are the same ol’ movies on repeat.