Student Film Follows Latest E-Cigarette Research

Electronic cigarettes are really hot right now and their popularity is expected to increase. Many industry experts like the ones at the site – E-Cig Reviews, fully expect the sale of the electronic devices to surpass standard cigarette sales by 2023.

I’ve been using electronic cigarettes for several years now. I made the change when I was in college earning my first bachelor’s degree in graphic design and started dating a girl who didn’t like kissing a guy who smoked. Even though my relationship with her didn’t last long, I liked the e-cigs so much, I never went back to using standard cigarettes again. There also weren’t E-Cigarette rules like there are for smoking on campus.

I’m back in school. This time around I’m studying film. One of my professors recently requested that we create a student film on something that is controversial or misunderstood. I spent three days thinking of possible topics before looking at the batter powered electronic cigarette I held in my hand and realizing that it was the perfect solution. These days it seems like everyone has an opinion on electronic cigarettes and trying to sort the good and true from the lies can be a tiresome job. The first part of my student film is pretty basic.

I take the viewer through a little history of electronic cigarettes. I explain how they were first released to the public in China as a kind of novelty toy but quickly became popular and could soon be found all over Europe. I continue by explaining how it took a little time before they made it to the United States where they currently sell like hot cakes.

I also interviewed lots of people on the campus, who like me had made the change to electronic cigarettes after smoking traditional cigarettes and getting hooked.

I’m currently editing some interviews I did with the CEO’s of a few different companies that make electronic cigarettes. They told me what made their brand better than the others, what they thought the future of electronic cigarettes was going to be like, and a few even talked about New Jersey Governor Christie’s proposal to tax electronic cigarettes in order to help the state make up a $35-million-dollar deficit.

The next step of my student film project is the part I’ve been most looking forward to. I’m about to delve into the world of e-cigarette research. Most of the e-cigarette research I’m going to be following are the studies exploring how e-cigarettes can be used as quit smoking devices. I’m looking forward to not only learning the results of each e-cigarette study, but also learning all the ins and outs of e-cigarette research, including how funding is obtained, how test subjects are found and vetted, and how the e-cigarette research information gets collected.

Raise Money for Film Making

If film making is your passion you most likely get really excited when you think about it. But, you may not stop to think about how you are going to get the money in order to carry out the large task of making a film. You are going to find out very quickly that this may not be the cheapest thing that you have ever done. But, you should know that this should not discourage you because there are a few different things that you can do to help you get the money that you need.

You may want to start by showing a piece of your film to those that are closest to you. If they have an interest in it they may be willing to become an investor. You may even what to take this to the next level and put a piece of your film on the internet and use social media sites like Facebook to help you get more investors. When you use social media sites the word can spread very quickly. Make sure that you are also including a plan related to the film and the filming process. People want to know that you have thought this out.

Have you heard of go fund me? More and more people are using this site to help them raise money for just about anything that you can think of. It is not difficult to set this up at all. You could have money rolling in within a few days. No matter where you get money, always be sure to say thank you to those that have funded your dream. This is just good business and it may encourage them to give again in the future.

From Pictures to Movies

A movie is something that nearly every person on this planet knows about. What they may not know is what goes in to making them. A photoplay film creates the “phi phenomena”. Phi phenomena, is a sequence of stationary pictures that if flipped through quickly, give the illusion of the objects on the paper moving. Cartoons like Mickey Mouse were fashioned in this manner. The most common method today is a motion picture camera. Modern day movies usually employ all three methods; this includes computer-generated imagery (CGI/digital).

Cinema is a word used to describe the embodiment of the entire industry of movies (films). Cinema describes the movie business as a whole, and the very art of filmmaking. Cinema is the art of mimicking experiences that communicate ideas, stories, perceptions, feelings, and beauty; this is the contemporary definition of “cinema”.

Motion pictures originally started by recording an image to a plastic film, which was then ran through a projector that passed light through so that it could be viewed on a large screen in front of the projection lens. This process is photochemistry. However, most modern films from start to finish (the production, distribution, and the exhibition) are digital.

Movies have made it a long way since the beginning. I started in the 80’s and 90’s: Back to the Future, Terminator 2 Judgement Day, and Dirty Dancing. Terminator 2’s graphics are pathetic compared to the present-day Terminator movies. Terminator 2 was reported to have been ten years ahead of its time as graphics are concerned. Now the graphics for the “old” movies pale in comparison to modern futuristic action films and their graphics. I used Dirty Dancing as example of the advances in choreography. It seems that dancing, fight scenes, and motion in general of modern movies are significantly better. However, in those days I enjoyed watching those movies so much. They were new to me; I was a child, so I was visually intrigued. No matter how good a movie may or may not be, I feel these are the same ol’ movies on repeat.

Film School Dreams

When I was a kid, I loved making my own short movies with our camcorder. My friends and I would stage little screenplays and act them out, then watch our creations on the old VHS player. I always dreamed of making movies like the ones I saw on the big screen.

By the time I got to high school, technology had improved a bit so that we had great movie making software on computers, and I had moved up to a Hi8 camera. I got involved with our high school TV crew, filming sporting events, and working on our weekly program on public access. Our program advisor noticed my interest in the production side of television and asked if I had ever considered applying to film school to continue my education. I told him I had always dreamed of making movies as a career choice, but it always seemed like something that was too far out of reach.

It turned out that it wasn’t so far fetched. I, along with help from my teachers, was able to put together a great portfolio of work for an application to several film schools. My grades were excellent, and while I was still an amateur filmmaker, I had a lot of practice, and the pieces I had put together weren’t too bad. I mailed off my applications and hoped for the best.

I received acceptance letters from two different film schools, and opted for attending one on the East Coast closer to my family. After I graduated, I was able to get a job working for a studio in California, and so far, I have been able to work on several major motion pictures as a production assistant, and on some television programming as well.

I am glad my teachers didn’t discourage me from my dream of becoming a filmmaker.

Turning our Student Film Assignment into Something More

When my friends and I were assigned with the task of making a student film for a class we were all taking, we sat down and came to the conclusion that we wanted to do more than just make a film that would help us pass the class. We also wanted to get some recognition for our work.

The first thing we did was create a slightly higher budget than some of our classmates. Since we’re students, our financial resources are limited, but we came up with as much as we could and then divided it up. We decided to use 2/3rds for the actual filming and saved the remainder for promotional purposes. Knowing what our budget was prior to filming allowed us to make wise choices.

After the film had been graded, we turned our attention to how we were going to get others to see it. This was a bit more challenging. We did several free screenings on campus, which weren’t as successful as we hoped, and we also submitted the film to a few competitions. Some of these contests were free and some forced us to tap into our marketing budget.

One of the interesting things we learned, is that we usually fared better when we had to pay an entry fee. The paid contest seemed to attract more high quality films, but the sheer number of entries that the free contests attracted made it easy for our little film to get lost in the shuffle.

The best news is that we’ve won a few contests! Not only has this led to our student film being shown at some small film festivals, but we’re currently using the money we’ve earned to make another film which we hope will also be useful to helping us launch careers in the film industry.

Watch Award Winning Films for Free!

It has been a long time since I have been to the movie theater to watch a movie with anyone. If I ever do go to the movies, I like to go by myself because it is a good way to spend some time along and do something that I really like. I love to watch movies and I love to eat popcorn. My husband on the other hand likes movies, but prefers to watch them at home and doesn’t love popcorn like me; in fact he could live the rest of his life without eating it again.

So what we do to make sure that we both get what we want is to stay home and watch a movie. I can make popcorn at home that is just as good as at the theater, and share it with my son who loves it too, and we can watch award winning movies for almost no cost at all. This way, I can get most of what I want and include by husband and son as well. We used to save money on movies by renting them at the movie store, but now we rely on subscription services to keep us entertained.

There are many great films available on television subscription services that you may not have already seen. And while they are not entirely free, after you figure out how much you are saving from watching them at home as opposed to going to the theater or renting them from the video store, the subscription pretty much pays for itself. Another benefit is that you have more time to watch movies that you would if you were to rent them from a store.

3 Keys To Film Making

The art of making a moving picture has been something that has changed the entertainment world. There was a time when the movies were a real treat and the movie itself was considered a piece of gold. Those days are long gone but we still find a good bit of pleasure in the movie making business. The way a movie is shot and filmed really depends on what the filmmaker is trying to do. Some will try and get the closest shot possible, like Billy Bob Thornton. Other filmmakers will try and use panoramic views. Regardless of where you fall on the spread here does not really matter. The key to making a good film is based on 3 things. Here are the three keys to film making. Follow these three rules and you are guaranteed to have a solid career.

First, you are going to need a solid location. Your location is the key to the film. Never waste your time by trying to build sets. Unless you have a million dollar budget you will only make the film look cheap and classless. The best way to make your film look authentic is to use real settings. This means you need to find the best location. Second thing you need to do is locate a high definition camera. I know we have all seen the local television commercials and broadcasts. The reasons they look awful are simple. They have horrible cameras. Spend the extra money and get a great camera. Finally, make sure you have a good lead actor or actress. The acting needs to be solid. Follow these three simple rules and your film-making career will take off. Fall to follow these rules and your film-making career is going to look like Jon Andersons. Never heard of him? There is a reason for that.

Turn Your Videos Into Works of Art

In this article I will give you a few good tips on how to correctly edit your videos. A good rule of thumb when editing a video is to not include any part of it that may be out of focus. The same goes for any part of the video that has loud noises in the background that may hinder you from enjoying what you want to see.

Everyone has those old home movies that they love to get together and watch over the holidays, and everyone has parts of these videos that they wish they could actually see. This is due to the fact that many people have no idea how to actually make a good video or the correct way to edit them.

Keep in mind that videotaping something for more than 10 seconds, although fun while you are doing it, may be very boring for an audience to watch later. You should always edit any parts of your video that is more than ten seconds long out of the video, to reduce the chances that folks will be bored with your work.

Also it is a good idea to avoid using the same kind of special effect, if you use them, more than a few times in one video. This can become very monotonous for those who will be watching the video later.

It’s a good idea to stick to instrumental music if you are planning to add music to your video. Not everyone is going to like the same style music you like so you will have a larger audience if you stick to strictly instrumentals. I have edited a video with music before and if you are not careful the video will not match the music and no one will understand what you are trying to portray.

Filmmaking For Memory Making

If you feel like life is passing you by rather quickly then you are totally correct. Time goes by faster and faster each and every year. If you want a good way to preserve life as you know it I would recommend making a film documentary. I would call it filmmaking for memory making.

Videos can be made with your smart phones these days and these videos are pretty good quality, however if you want to make a film that will last for a lifetime then you should purchase a nice video camera.

Making these kinds of memories will last a lifetime for you. I remember as a child watching a slide show that my parents put together of when we were all growing up from babies on up. This slide show is still making its way around our family today. Just a few weeks ago my sister had a get together where we all gathered at her house to watch this slide show with our spouses and our parents. Talk about great memories! It was a great way for our parents to memorialize our lives and to help us to remember things that we might not otherwise have remembered. It was fun for some of our spouses who had not yet seen this slide show to be able to take part in some family history with us.

Film making for memory making and preserving is a great thing and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to help keep memories alive. This is also a great way to show your children what you looked liked and acted like when you were young. I am sure they will get a kick out of that!

Benefits of Online Film Classes

Many of us have now started to realize as our children are growing older that we want a career for ourselves or at least something to keep us busy once they fly the coup. One thing that we all have in common is the lack of time in a day. Once we decide that we want to take classes to improve our lives or to find a new career, finding the time to do so is another story. The most important benefit to taking online film classes is that you can do it from the comfort of your own home and without having to take time to drive to and from class.

Another good benefit to online film classes is the cost. You may think that taking classes online is just as expensive as taking a course at a local community college but you would be wrong. It’s actually cheaper to take online film classes because film classes at a college campus can be quite expensive.

Many times online film instructors are folks who use to be in the industry so you are likely going to get good quality instruction even if you don’t take classes at a university. It is a good idea before signing up for an online film class that you make sure the instructor has a high level of experience and credentials. Also if it important to you to be able to see how to do things, you may want to see if the instructor gives some video lessons as well. If you are a visual learner, these types of video lessons are great at showing you exactly how to do things and do them well.

Memories of Film Making Class

When I graduated from high school I knew that I only had four more years until I would finally be done trying to learn how to be an adult and make a living on my own. I really thought that is what I would learn in college. So far, it is not working out like I had planned. I am already a sophomore and I don’t feel like I am getting my money’s worth out of my college classes. I know everyone has to take the basic classes in the first few years, but most of us already know everything that our professors are trying to teach us.

But there is one bright light in my class schedule and that is my film making class. Normally I wouldn’t be able to take this class for a few more years, but I was lucky that a spot opened up and it was at just the right time to fit into my schedule. I never thought that I would be interested in film making, but I was wrong. As it turns out I do have a creative side to my personality. I thought maybe I was destined to be stuck in a boring desk job the rest of my life just like those in my family before me.

This film making class has changed my idea of being a grown up in many ways. I have learned that you can work hard and do something fun and love it all the while being an adult with a real job. I know that not everyone can earn a great living making films, but I know that it is something that I want to try. I can’t wait for my class to my first project and I really can’t wait until I get to start my next film making project!

About Cactuses Movie

Cactuses Movie is an award winning student film that inspired me to learn more about filmmaking. I enrolled in a local film school and went on to develop my first film a few years later. Since then, I’ve been working in the Indie film industry as a producer, director, and even once as an actor. I created this blog to share my passion for amateur film making and to hopefully inspire others to get involved in this amazing industry. Making movies is something that many people dream of doing, but very few ever follow through on that fantasy. If you’ve always wondered if it was possible, I want you to know that it absolutely can happen. So come along with me for this exciting journey as we talk about films that inspire us and learn more about how to become a successful film making professional.

Tips For Beginners – Amateur Film Making

If you are interested in amateur film making but you have no idea where to start, you have come to the right place. Whether you are into film making as a hobby or you are looking to create a career for yourself you can always benefit from others tips and ideas.

To get started in your film making endeavor you should begin by deciding what you want your film to be about. I would suggest you choose a topic that you are interested in so that you are more able to make the film interesting to others. If you are not very interesting in your topic, it is likely no one else will be either.

It is important to not go into debt any more than you have to when starting your film making career or hobby. If you already have a good camera, use it instead of making a big purchase at the beginning.

You may need to purchase some new software for your computer to make things come together nicely. A good computer editing software can help you cut a lot of time off of your film making process.

The most important thing to remember is that you have fun while you are filming. Once you start not having a good time then your work will suffer. Make your film fun and interesting and others will enjoy what you have created. If you need a change of scenery then by all means shoot your film in more than one location to keep it interesting.

Start Making Films While You’re Still In School

You may be unaware that you can actually start making films while in film school. You will be making what is known as student films. Film school is a great place to start dabbling in the actual film making process because you will be able to learn things to do differently once you get out in the real world of filmmaking.

Student films are just as important if not more important than actual film making because these films allow you to create a foundation from which you can build on in the future. Most student films are pretty short in length so you don’t need to worry or get upset about the process. If you relax, be yourself and use what you have learned so far in school you should be fine. Be sure not to skip through pre-production when making your student film. You need to make sure that you have all your bases covered before you begin making the film. If you are sure to get all the pre-production work done first you won’t leave any important material out and have to go back and re-create the film from the beginning. Basically if you take time to “do it right the first time” you will save yourself a lot of time and frustration.

After you have created a student film you may want to enter it into a film festival to see what others think about it. This is a fun way to get early feedback into your craft and can sometimes be a catalyst to getting your name out there.

Ideas and Inspiration for Student Film Makers

One of the hardest things you are likely to encounter during your early days of film making is figuring out what to make your film about. You may have all sorts of ideas running through your head for your next film, but if you don’t you have come to the right place. In this blog post I am going to give you a few ideas for making your next film venture easier to decide upon.

A great idea before you decide what type of film you want to make is to check around to see what films are currently out. You don’t want your low budget beginner film to be seen as less than great so choose a topic that is not currently being done.

You may want to make a film about the day in the life of someone you know and love. You may think this kind of film is boring but actually the opposite is true most of the time. People love to learn about other people’s lives. It may be because they are nosey or it could be that we all like to feel like we fit in somewhere and many times a film like this is easy to relate to.

Filming about romance can be fun for everyone involved. Everyone loves a good romance and since that is true, you are sure to capture a large audience if you make your film about love and romance. If you have to embellish it a little, do so. Sometimes truth is not as fun as fiction!

How to Make A Good Student Film

During your time making student films you will likely not have the best equipment, however there are ways to make the best of what you have. Be sure not to go above and beyond your means while making your student film because you will have plenty of opportunities to do that in the future with your film making career.

Another tip for making a great student film is to know your team. You need to make sure that you communicate what exactly it is that you want to portray to your audience, to your team. Make sure that you take the time to get to know everyone and tell them what it is that you expect from them so that you do not end up wasting valuable time to make a “so-so” film.

It is also important that you realize that this is just a student film and therefore it will not be as good as a professional film so don’t set yourself up for negative feelings about it. You should do your best and accept whatever the outcome is so that you can learn and grow for future films. My philosophy is, if you try your best then that is good enough.

All student films have deadline, after all, you are a student. Be sure to hand your work in on time. Don’t be such perfectionists that you end up missing your film making deadline. Do whatever it takes to finish your film even if you have to spend way too many hours doing so.

Film Making Tips For Beginners To Save You Money

There is no sense going into a lot of debt when you are just starting out in the film making business. We all know it takes money to make money but I would suggest that you make a little bit of money before you go broke trying to get started. In this blog post we will look at a few ways to save some money in the film making business.

One big way to save yourself some money is by using a camera you already have. There really isn’t a need to go out and purchase a Hollywood worthy camera when your own digital camera will work just fine for your film making needs. You really don’t even have to own a camera of your own because you can just borrow one of your friends or relatives cameras to get started.

Another good way to save yourself some money at the beginning of your film making career is to get actors involved in your film that do not require payment. You can do this by going to your local community theatre and recruiting a few people. These type of people love acting and don’t necessarily expect to be paid for it. As you get more involved with the film making process you can then start to hire professional actors and actresses.

Another great idea to save you some money on your low budget film is to shoot in areas that are ordinary and open to the public such as public beaches or parks.