Ideas and Inspiration for Student Film Makers

One of the hardest things you are likely to encounter during your early days of film making is figuring out what to make your film about. You may have all sorts of ideas running through your head for your next film, but if you don’t you have come to the right place. In this blog post I am going to give you a few ideas for making your next film venture easier to decide upon.

A great idea before you decide what type of film you want to make is to check around to see what films are currently out. You don’t want your low budget beginner film to be seen as less than great so choose a topic that is not currently being done.

You may want to make a film about the day in the life of someone you know and love. You may think this kind of film is boring but actually the opposite is true most of the time. People love to learn about other people’s lives. It may be because they are nosey or it could be that we all like to feel like we fit in somewhere and many times a film like this is easy to relate to.

Filming about romance can be fun for everyone involved. Everyone loves a good romance and since that is true, you are sure to capture a large audience if you make your film about love and romance. If you have to embellish it a little, do so. Sometimes truth is not as fun as fiction!

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