Start Making Films While You’re Still In School

You may be unaware that you can actually start making films while in film school. You will be making what is known as student films. Film school is a great place to start dabbling in the actual film making process because you will be able to learn things to do differently once you get out in the real world of filmmaking.

Student films are just as important if not more important than actual film making because these films allow you to create a foundation from which you can build on in the future. Most student films are pretty short in length so you don’t need to worry or get upset about the process. If you relax, be yourself and use what you have learned so far in school you should be fine. Be sure not to skip through pre-production when making your student film. You need to make sure that you have all your bases covered before you begin making the film. If you are sure to get all the pre-production work done first you won’t leave any important material out and have to go back and re-create the film from the beginning. Basically if you take time to “do it right the first time” you will save yourself a lot of time and frustration.

After you have created a student film you may want to enter it into a film festival to see what others think about it. This is a fun way to get early feedback into your craft and can sometimes be a catalyst to getting your name out there.

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