Student Film Follows Latest E-Cigarette Research

Electronic cigarettes are really hot right now and their popularity is expected to increase. Many industry experts like the ones at the site – E-Cig Reviews, fully expect the sale of the electronic devices to surpass standard cigarette sales by 2023.

I’ve been using electronic cigarettes for several years now. I made the change when I was in college earning my first bachelor’s degree in graphic design and started dating a girl who didn’t like kissing a guy who smoked. Even though my relationship with her didn’t last long, I liked the e-cigs so much, I never went back to using standard cigarettes again. There also weren’t E-Cigarette rules like there are for smoking on campus.

I’m back in school. This time around I’m studying film. One of my professors recently requested that we create a student film on something that is controversial or misunderstood. I spent three days thinking of possible topics before looking at the batter powered electronic cigarette I held in my hand and realizing that it was the perfect solution. These days it seems like everyone has an opinion on electronic cigarettes and trying to sort the good and true from the lies can be a tiresome job. The first part of my student film is pretty basic.

I take the viewer through a little history of electronic cigarettes. I explain how they were first released to the public in China as a kind of novelty toy but quickly became popular and could soon be found all over Europe. I continue by explaining how it took a little time before they made it to the United States where they currently sell like hot cakes.

I also interviewed lots of people on the campus, who like me had made the change to electronic cigarettes after smoking traditional cigarettes and getting hooked.

I’m currently editing some interviews I did with the CEO’s of a few different companies that make electronic cigarettes. They told me what made their brand better than the others, what they thought the future of electronic cigarettes was going to be like, and a few even talked about New Jersey Governor Christie’s proposal to tax electronic cigarettes in order to help the state make up a $35-million-dollar deficit.

The next step of my student film project is the part I’ve been most looking forward to. I’m about to delve into the world of e-cigarette research. Most of the e-cigarette research I’m going to be following are the studies exploring how e-cigarettes can be used as quit smoking devices. I’m looking forward to not only learning the results of each e-cigarette study, but also learning all the ins and outs of e-cigarette research, including how funding is obtained, how test subjects are found and vetted, and how the e-cigarette research information gets collected.